Preparation & Service Facilities

  • MEET has its own factory at Tejgaon, Dhaka for the manufacturing and assembly of Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • MEET has the expert technical team to ensure the quality of the machinery & product.
  • MEET has well equipped laboratory for chemical analysis for water.
  • MEET has one Engineering department to work for Wastewater Treatment & Water Treatment Plant under the guidance of Malaysian, European and USA Company.
  • MEET provide training of the industry staff for efficient operation of WTP/ETP Plant.
  • MEET provide on call maintenance service.
  • MEET provide raw materials and media in ready stock.
  • Chemicals:
    WTP/ETP chemicals,
    Membrane De-scalant,
    Membrane cleaning solution

All chemical are ready stock & price is reasonable.

  • Efficiency:
    MEET provides the best quality services and products, coupled with the fast consultation. This is the highest level of commitment that we offer our customers to help to raise their own standard of performance.
  • Sincerity:
    We are honest and fair in all aspects of our works. Through our active and professional participation, we deliver the best result and the low cost margin as our customer’s expect

If you need any query Please feel free to contact with us. We are always hear for you.