Water Softner

MEET provide water softner to removed different concentration of carbonate and bi-carbonate ion from water.

At MEET we sell, install and service a wide range of Water Softeners in various capacities to suit your individual needs. Working with your MEET Water Treatment Consultant, you will be able to select a water softener system that will fit your exact water softening needs and budget. Water softeners have proven to be one of the best energy saving devices since their inception, keeping heating systems free from scale especially around the copper cylinder spiral coil heat transfer area of any heating system. Water softeners allow the removal of dissolved limestone from hard water, exchanging problem ions with harmless ions.

Water Softener Benefits

With your MEET Water Softener you will be GUARANTEED years of quality conditioned water for your home or business, not only improving your water but also your way of life. You can extend the life expectancy of your appliances by an average of 40% with soft water. You can also reduce your heating bill by an average of 25% by eliminating limescale on your heating elements. You can reduce your Soaps & Detergent bill by 50% with soft water. Also in your home soft water will leave your hair & skin feel soft & silky without the help of expensive beauty products.